What is Diammonium Phosphate (DAP)



Diammonium phosphate also known as DAP is a popular phosphate in food and drink production thanks to the affect it has when mixed with yeast.

Most commonly used in the following foods and beverages:

  • Wine making
  • Mead brewing
  • Bread production
  • Vinegars

As well as being directly used in the above processes DAP is used in the purifying of sugar as well as being used in applications aside from the food and beverage industry.

Diammonium Phosphate in Wine Making

Although diammonium phosphate is used in a variety of foods and drinks the most common use for it is within wine making. A popular ingredient in both homemade wine and professionally manufactured products thanks to its ability as a stronger more viable yeast.

During wine making, fermentation can slow down and in some cases stop before the sugar is converted into alcohol. Diammonium phosphate can speed up this process due to the reaction created when mixed with yeast.

The amount of DAP required can vary fermentation conditions with variables such as temperature, cleanliness and altitude all having an impact on quantity and therefore the successful production of wine.

DAP in the Food Industry

Although DAP is more commonly used within wine making and mead brewing it is also used by bread manufacturers for similar reasons.

As previously stated DAP can amplify yeast, making it stronger and more durable, which is ideal when making bread. Yeast nutrients have been used within baking for many years and were first introduced to develop variations in water mineral content as only a small amount of yeast growth occurs naturally.

Thanks to ingredients such as diammonium phosphate breadmaking is a lot easier as the introduction increases oxidation allowing a better, more consistent rise.

As well as being used in food and beverage production for humans DAP is also used in animal food as a nutritional supplement.

To find out more about DAP please download the MSDS here. If you would like to know how Rigest can help you in sourcing diammonium phosphate then please get in touch.


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