Glucose has the appearance of a white powder as a solid and a clear colourless liquid in solution.


Glucose is sweet in taste however not as sweet as table sugar.


Glucose is a hexose sugar due to it containing six carbon atoms, one of which is part of an aldehyde group, hence, is referred to as an aldohexose.

A simple sugar, glucose is often used in sports and nutrition beverages thanks to its high-energy qualities. Glucose is a vital element within human metabolism, also known as blood sugar, it is what gives the muscles energy.

As well as being found in beverages, some companies have created glucose tablets to provide consumers looking for an instant boost of energy a suitable option. Glucose tablets can also be used by those with diabetes to help regulate sugar levels if insulin intake is too high. 

Available in both liquid and solid form glucose is commonly used in the food and beverage market as a sweetener. Rigest are leading glucose suppliers to businesses across the UK and overseas with the powder version of glucose delivered in 25KG bags and in 25L, 200L and 1000L bulk containers for glucose across liquid forms.

As renowned partners you can be sure we will provide you with a fast, reliable and efficient delivery.

Other Names: Glucose, Blood sugar, Dextrose, Corn sugar, D-Glucose, Grape sugar



  • Glucose is one of the simplest types of sugar and the main source of energy your body uses.
  • With the help of the hormone insulin, cells are able to pull in glucose from your bloodstream to use as fuel.
  • Nearly all carbohydrate-containing foods, from fruits to breads, have some level of glucose, although fruits are usually the highest sources.
  • Since glucose can elevate your blood sugar quickly, if you are diabetic, you may want to avoid regularly


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