dimethyl carbonate


In appearance Dimethyl Carbonate is a clear colourless liquid


Dimethyl Carbonate contains a sweet taste with a light aroma



Dimethyl Carbonate is most commonly used in inks, coatings and paint as a VOC-exempt solvent. Dimethyl Carbonate is also used as a fuel oxygenate additive and is commonly found in many bio-fuels. Other applications for DMC include adhesives and aerosol sprays.

In food and drink, dimethyl carbonate is used as a beverage preservative, particularly in the preservation of wine as it inactivates yeasts that cause spoilage. It is also used as a stabilizing agent in non-alcoholic drinks such as isotonic sports drinks, flavoured water, carbonated and non-carbonated juices.

Rigest are a leading dimethyl carbonate supplier and distribute in quantities ranging from 25L, 200L and 1000L IBCs to bulk supply. We deliver throughout the United Kingdom and Europe meaning we can facilitate most orders. Tell us about your product requirements and one of our team will respond shortly with how we can help.


  • Within our Industrial range Dimethyl Carbonate is a VOC exempt solvent.
  • It is used in various paints and coatings. Dimethyl Carbonate can replace esters, glycol ethers and ketones in formulations and can also be used as a methylating and carbonylating reagent in organic synthesis.
  • Stabilizing agent in soft drinks
  • Preservative in wine production

Alternatively, if you would more detailed product information including storage and handling, request our dimethyl carbonate msds.


  • beverage
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Carbonated Soft Drinks
    • Juice Drinks
    • RTD Tea & Coffee
  • industrial
    • Fertilisers

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